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Our Drug Rehab Programs


Recovery Program

In our Center we offer full support to every individual. Dealing with addiction is a process and requires a lot of psychical and mental support, by therapy, which we give to everyone. If we are unable to treat a certain type of patient we will refer them to The Recovery Village Ohio.

Aftercare Programs

Available to anyone who finished our recovery program. It consists of group therapy’s and online support to former addicts in time of the crisis.

Aftercare Programs
Recovery Program

Medical Treatments

An integral part of our Center. Every client goes through medical treatment, in need to clean their body of toxins and years of drug abuse.

Find Hope With Our Center

Battling with addiction is hard, and a lifelong process and many of addicts surrender on the way. But in our Center, we are devoted to every client and offer the support they need on their journey. We never give up on our clients, and we are here for their every need.


Recovery Support

What People Are Saying

Sam Norton

„This Drug Rehab Center has helped me so much with my addiction. Thank you!”

Amanda Garner

“Dealing with drug addiction is a never-ending process. I still have to use drugs, but Center has given me tools to fight when this time comes. “

Jenny Johansson

“Still I am fighting to stay clean, and they are here for me in every step of my recovery. I am so grateful to them! “

Nick Smith

“Their support system is the best, and I am so happy to be part of their community.”

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