Group Therapy In Drug Addiction

There are many different ways to treat substance addiction, but the most effective one is group therapy. This type of therapy offers sympathy and comfort to addicts and makes easier for them to share feelings about what they are going through. Group therapy consists of a person, most likely train philologist who runs a session, and different members who aren’t previously connected.

What are the advantages of group therapy?

AdvantagesThere are many different advantages of this type of therapy, and this is one of the most successful ways to deal with addiction. First of all group therapy offers a good education about what recovery journey consists of. People who are part of this type of therapy have come along with different paths and can offer an insight to beginners what is to come. Second, there is a good source of motivation to addicts, and also offer good solutions for problems which are associated with drug abuse. Patients will also learn different skills that they need to avoid going to drugs when they feel the need. Also, they will build new relationships and bonds that can last even when the recovery process in the Center is over.

3 phases of group therapy

PhasesThere are three different phases of group therapy; everyone has the same level of significance. In the beginning, there is a beginning phase. This is a part where members get to know each other and learn how the therapy works and what are the main rules and goal of the process.

The second phase is the most important phase and the phase that last the longest. This is the part when a therapist gets to know a patient and the reasons for their drugs abuse, but also a phase where he tries to change patterns in someone’s behavior. All that in the hope that habits of the addict and his behavior are going to change, and that they don’t turn to drugs anymore.

The third and the last phase of group therapy, consist of finding closure. The focus is to find a way to leave addiction and drugs behind and to be a part of society once again.