Rebuilding Bonds That Were Once Broken By The Addiction

Drugs and addiction have so many bad consequences on someone’s life, but one of the hardest is broken trust and relationships with the people we love. The relationships that suffer the most are with family members and spouses. Some of them seem that can never be mended, but trying to fix them is an important part of the recovery process.

Give time to this process

We-are-here-to-helpGiving back someone’s trust is not going to be easy, and this is a process that will take time. In some cases, this can last few years. This can be very hard to addict because most of them want everything to get back to normal when they recovery is complicated. But it is not easy for people to forgive lies and trust that was broken. Give it time, and by doing so, you will build an even more powerful relationship that once was. Former addicts most show that they can be trusted once again and that they are ready to take on responsibilities. This will show your loved ones that they can rely on you and trust you. This is the most important part of rebuilding the relationship.Try to maintain this healthy routine as long as possible.

What can you do?

Recovery-processAfter you, the recovery process is over, and you are drug-free, you need to find a way to be a functional part of society once again. When you are in a healthy mindset and having control of your life once again, try to find a job. By doing so you will be able to provide for yourself, and you wouldn’t have to rely on your family as you once needed to. This will show responsibility to them, and help them to trust you. The job will also give you control over your life, and you would feel more confident. Also, it will give you a sense that you belong somewhere, and you wouldn’t feel alone and depressed, as you felt when doing drugs. You will also be able to provide for yourself and pay your bills. This is a healthy path to your life.